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Why Outsource Sales Director:

Are you a business owner looking for consistency from your sales team?

Do results taper off when you're not focused on the performance?

An experienced Sales Director can be an expensive addition to your workforce.
Do they need to be full time and permanent…?
Not necessarily!

Many Sales Directors or Commercial Directors have come to management without necessarily being a Salesperson themselves.
While many others have been in management so long that they forget the nuts and bolts of selling.

It’s not all KPIs and Statistics – yes they are very important but not everything.
Salespeople want to feel that their manager or director has the answers. That they can do the same job but better.

An Outsource Sales Director can help you!

Short BUT True Story:

A group of junior sales trainees join a software company and complete 3 weeks of intense training.

After the fourth week, 80% of the group have made their first sale/sales.

Arguably the most promising and naturally talented trainee finally makes his first sale after 2 whole months!

He then quickly becomes a regular performer alongside more experienced reps while the rest of his group of juniors fall away and fail their probation performance.

After 6 months this rep is the top performer in the entire company and continues to be for the next 2 years before promotion into management at the young age of only 21.

The challenge of how to coach, mentor and motivate a team is too much.

The skill of management is simply not there. He never learnt it. The newly appointed manager finds himself frustrated by the inability of his team to reach the same levels he did.

He spends most of his time on the phone doing the job of one rep or another and therefore the team doesn't scale.

Within a year he is back at his old desk and reporting into an experienced manager newly hired from external and very happy at his old job.

Great Salespeople don't always make great managers and great managers aren't always the best salespeople.

Finding out can be costly both in terms of money and time.

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How it Works:

Outsource Sales Director works with companies to provide Sales Director experience and skills in a fractional manner, giving you all of the benefits without the expensive costs. 

Reporting into Managing Director, CEO or Board level, Outsource Sales Director works with Sales Teams to host regular sales meetings and reviews, introduce strategies and KPIs, even attending online demonstrations, sales presentations and in person sales appointments with customers and prospects alongside your field sales team. 

Training workshops are also delivered in constructive environments to empower and enable team members to work through obstacles to achieving high levels of performance and earnings. 

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