Outsource Sales Director

Not ready to hire a full time sales director?

Let us help you manage your sales team and improve your turnover and profits.

Is Your Sales Team Being Properly Managed?

Most companies expect their salespeople to simply hit the ground running and everything will take care of itself. When it doesn’t work out, they simply replace the individual and hope that will take care of it. Results become inconsistent and unreliable. Salespeople need leadership and guidance. Otherwise your growth as a company will be stunted.

With the right management, a strong sales team should generate predictable, consistent improvement, quarter on quarter, year on year.
It doesn’t need a full time Sales Manager or Sales Director but the function must be fulfilled.

We can do this in a fractional manner.

Benefit from an experienced Sales Director focused on accelerating your team’s performance and implementing a long term, measurable structure.

And do so at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full time Sales Director.

Outsource sales Director team

Outsource Sales Director Responsible for the Following:

Evaluation of sales team on an individual basis

Host weekly sales meetings with team to coach

Analyse results and apply resolutions

1:1 meetings with reps weekly

Meet the board of directors to advise on progress

Make strategic recommendations on direction of business

Find out the Why and How of Outsource Sales Director

How to Get Started with Outsourced Sales Management & Directorship:

Let's Talk

Introductory call to help us understand your current sales team setup. What’s working and what’s not working. Where you want to be versus where you are now.
No Fee and No Obligation.

Observations & Recommendations

Now we share the benefit of our experience with you by letting you know what we see happening and recommending various strategies.

Team Involvement

Getting everyone onboard is vital if you want to succeed. It’s time for the Outsource Sales Director to get to work with the sales team. Objectives and targets are key.


Getting to work on strategies and monitoring results. The Outsource Sales Director works with each individual to improve their overall output and results.

Reporting & Analysing

This part we do with you to help us make decisions on the direction you want to take in your business.

Consider the Following:
  • What does your business need to adapt to remote/hybrid working?
  • Do you understand the latest tools and software for managing a remote workforce?
  • Can your business handle rapid growth?
  • Do you have the right systems and processes to enable and empower?
  • How much are you spending on marketing campaigns to generate sales leads?
  • How much revenue is converted from those leads?
  • Do you want a higher rate of conversion?

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