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Case Studies:

Anthony Tattan - Outsource Sales Director Ireland

Case Study: Removing Obstacles to Sales to Boost Performance (Tech sector)

Irish Tech Company engaged Anthony to evaluate and improve turnover, margins and costs in their business.

Evaluation process identified a number of challenges as key blockers to growth.

Admin-heavy processes were shown to slow down the sales team from performing at their optimum level.

Strategies were implemented to bypass and remove the blockages.

Anthony worked closely with the Sales Manager and the Operations Manager to streamline the handover process with the Operations team taking on more of the admin as part of the onboarding of new customers following the sale.

Increase in revenue of 10% in the first month and 20% steadily month on month thereafter.

Bonus: the customer experience became a lot smoother as they spent more time liaising with the support and operations teams during implementation.

Case Study: Leading the Sales Team to Success Training Software Sales to UK market

Company provides Online Training Software to the UK market and has a sales team of 8 reps with relatively similar levels of experience and skills. Comparable levels of activity in terms of outbound calling each month.

Revenue generated by 1 of the reps represented almost 50% of the monthly total with the remaining 50% relatively evenly contributed on average.

Outsource Sales Director observed the sales team and worked with the top performer to enable and empower him to share his knowledge and skills with the others to help them improve.

Helped client implement a commission structure for the top performer based on the team’s overall outcome EXCLUDING his own figures.

The top performer was promoted to Team Leader and the rest of the team’s revenue improved by 200% 

Anthony Tattan - Outsource Sales Director Ireland - Sales Training
Anthony Tattan - Outsource Sales Director Ireland - Hybrid Working

Case Study: Database Mining Pensions, Life Assurance & Financial Products

Financial Services company has changed their business model in recent years to inbound only sales activity. GDPR restrictions prevent the company from cold calling. Instead the company spends a lot of money on generating inbound sales leads via Google AdWords, Radio and Marketing Automation.

Consistent sales revenue month on month however the sales team had extra bandwidth. 

Anthony implemented a strategy of mailshots and follow up calling to the database of leads that came via inbound lead generation from the previous few years. 

Time allocated DAILY for the sales team to follow up on mailshots designed to re-engage with prospects who didn’t buy previously. 


15% Increase in revenue from mailshot campaigns

Reduced marketing spend by 30%

Case Study: Cross-sell & Upsell to Existing Customer Base (Managed Services)

Established managed services company with 2 locations in Leinster.

Large, well established client base.

Steady revenues growth of @ 10% YoY.

Churn almost equal to new business acquisition in a competitive industry.

Board of directors finding it difficult to grow beyond the 10%.

Anthony identified that the client outsourced a number of products and services to third parties for delivery and support.

Implemented strategy to bring these products in-house for delivery and support directly.

Support team was already familiar with the technologies and absorbed the workload without the need for additional headcount. 

Overall revenue increased by 20%

50% margin on the new revenue from the products and services taken in-house.

Anthony Tattan - Outsource Sales Director Ireland - Increase profits


Outsourcesalesdirector is a service that has really benefited my business in terms of results. To have Anthony's experience and focus in my business on a fractional basis makes perfect sense and has seen results take a big leap forward since our sales training. Part of what I needed was someone to ask the awkward questions on a semi-regular basis while providing priceless closing strategies and pipeline management knowhow. As business owners we tend to forget about the basics when it comes to direct sales and strategic sales. We think it's all about spending money on Google Adwords and hoping that the leads will be ready to transact but that's not always the case as we all know.

Outsource Sales Director keeps me focused on what's important and ensures I have very little "unproductive time" in my business. I find the best thing about working with Anthony is that he really gets involved in my business and analyses my phone calls and meetings with my prospects. I haven't come across anyone like him before. Most coaches or consultants give you high level work to do on your business or they agree on a bunch of tasks that you need to do in your business before the next session, but they don't really care about your sales, your pipeline or why a deal didn't close. Nor do they offer solutions, strategies and roll-play scenarios with you. We work together for 1/2 a day every second week and it's like having a personal trainer at the gym who knows how to drive me being the finest version of myself.

I highly recommend Anthony and Outsource Sales Director to anyone looking to get on top of their sales processes and get results fast.

Mark Cahill Financial Services
Mark Cahill Financial Services

Anthony Tattan was my Commercial Director during my time with IP Telecom from 2018 to 2022
He helped guide my career and encouraged my training and development, both technically and professionally, on my direct sales and marketing journey. Anthony influenced my decision to join networking groups, where I received several awards for my presentation skills and sales training pitches, developed weekly, to empower me with public speaking skills, enabling me to build an acquaintance with C-Suite executives.

We implemented Hubspot CRM and other marketing platforms and tools during this time. I was empowered to take ownership of and found a renewed passion for marketing alongside my strategic sales skills. I also qualified from the Marketing Institute of Ireland with a Diploma in Strategic Digital Marketing and from Technology University Dublin with a Post Grad Diploma in Marketing & Management. All of this was carried out part-time with encouragement and understanding from Anthony and his team.

Anthony and I worked very closely during the expansion period into South Africa, and I really enjoyed the experience and focus that was put on growth opportunities, timelines and KPIs to achieve great results. When the company grew bigger and Anthony hired a new Head of Marketing, together, they organised my progression and transition to become more specialised in Digital Marketing. Anthony always kept a close eye on my development and showed an interest in my career development, my personal job satisfaction and my overall well-being. Anthony is someone I will continue to call on from time to time if I want to bounce an idea around or help me get some clarity on a strategy.

Those who have the opportunity to work with Anthony and Outsource Sales Director will learn a great deal from him and benefit greatly regarding sales and marketing strategies - especially individuals in direct sales, contract sales, sales training and marketing positions in need of direction, development and encouragement.

Tai Aderemi
Tai Aderemi Marketing Manager

We spent a lot of money on marketing automation and training for our staff meaning we then needed to keep feeding the monster with marketing and advertising budget to generate more and more inbound leads. It became all-consuming yet we really couldn't identify any significant revenue growth above the usual 10% organic YoY growth we experienced previously.

We also invested in an expensive Marketing Manager to run everything and very soon the overall cost-centre became a major concern for the organisation.

When we were introduced to Anthony and his team, it was a breath of fresh air. Finally we had someone who could see things from the outside and was able to ask the simple but direct questions.

What happens if we turn this off for a period?
What's going on with the leads from previous months, why are they going cold?
Why are the team only interested in the new leads every week and month?

Anthony quickly implemented strategies that increased new business from existing leads. We reduced the overall marketing spend by a projected €150,000 as well.

For one hour each week Anthony joins the board of directors meeting and this is hugely valuable in helping guide the direction we are taking the business with a focus on lean processes and sweating our assets.

John K
John Kavanagh Cloud Solutions

At last a sales and marketing company that actually delivers what it promises.

Our sales team is happy. Our customers are happy. Turnover is up as are margins.

Anthony and his team don't just work on selling strategies, they also look at where a company like ours is spending money and they are not afraid to tell us straight what we need to do whether we like it or not.

The model employed really feels like a partnership and Anthony has quickly become part of our management team helping us make tough decisions and calling us out on our procrastination.

Now we can focus on strategies for future growth and expansion.

Sarah H
Sarah Holt Engineering Supplies

Our average sale value has increased by 50% on average since working with Anthony.

The sales team were forever discounting and selling at rock bottom prices. Their perception of the value of the products and services we offer was very narrow. 

Anthony's work on our value proposition with the team really helped them understand the difference between adding value versus discounting. 

We now have a new approach to marketing and advertising. We've stopped throwing money at lead generation without testing and measuring the results we get from the various sources. 

Since joining our board of directors Anthony has helped ask the right questions. 

This year we are planning our first acquisition which will be project managed by Anthony and his legal and financial teams.

Andrew N
Andrew Nesbitt Furniture Manufacturer
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