What is Outsource Sales Director?

Outsource Sales Director provides experienced sales directors to organisations on a flexible, contract basis. 

We bring much needed Sales Directorship skills and expertise to companies who do not require or cannot afford full time sales directors.

There is a gap in the market for experienced sales leaders in a fractional model who can slot into senior management teams and advise on company strategies including mergers & acquisitions, sales & marketing team development, and revenue growth strategies. 

Outsource Sales Director is a service that can be initiated quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption to company culture.

Owners, investors, and boards of directors need someone who can speak their language and can for example spend a day each week in their businesses, helping grow the revenue and also shape and develop their overall strategy for sales and marketing.

We help identify opportunities for mergers & acquisitions and the challenges companies face in getting “exit ready”.

Since 2018 we have seen large amounts of M&A activity in particular in the technology and telecoms space, with many opportunities being taken while others missed through lack of preparation or confusion. 

Challenges with alignment of owners and shareholders, coupled with unclear or undocumented company strategy for growth, acquisition or exit has seen a number of businesses left behind. 

While the difficulties of consolidation and integration, “post-acquisition”, has seen many businesses lose a sizable chunk of their revenue through no real fault of their own, but also no clear plan how to replace it.

This is where the expertise of an Outsource Sales Director is invaluable and can be implemented into an organisation rapidly to tackle these areas, and prepare and implement a clear plan. 

Outsource Sales Director can be a vital service for companies in need of experienced sales and marketing strategy and direction.

With private and commercial costs increasing across the board, companies need to get back to focusing on generating revenue and improving their sales performance, while also asking the bigger questions about direction and overall business strategy. 

“Time is money” – and the answer to this is not taking big risks or hiring senior salespeople who can take months to establish whether or not they are worth the investment or if they are a fit for the culture of a company. 

Rather, take a step back and define the goals for the business for the next 18 to 24 months. In some cases that means “grooming” the business for acquisition, including or excluding an exit strategy for the management team. 

When businesses reach their glass ceiling and are struggling to break through to the next level, throwing money at the situation isn’t the answer when the expertise is not there to grow beyond that particular plateau. 

Outsource Sales Director is very similar to the model that already exists for financial resources, like Outsource CFO and most companies use external accounting and financial service organisations to help them manage the accounting, tax and payroll side of their businesses. 

Business owners are comfortable with the outsource model and can benefit greatly from fresh eyes and independent experience and expertise, outside of the normal company culture, by outsourcing parts of their sales and marketing function or having a part-time Sales Director advising them on the direction of their business. 

It can be invaluable to have someone from outside the business with fresh eyes asking difficult but necessary questions, and at the same time accelerating revenue growth.

Another important aspect of the Outsource Sales Director service as explained, is assisting international startups seeking to undertake new business formations here in Ireland and requiring local industry knowledge and experience along with a track record of bringing new business opportunities to the marketplace.

Outsource Sales Director helps international businesses expanding into Ireland, forming new companies, establishing physical locations and trading in Ireland and the EU. 

Such companies may require an experienced Irish businessperson to take a seat on their board who can advise on sales and marketing growth strategies, as well as potential ‘mergers and acquisitions’

Businesses can avail of a Free Consultation with an Outsource Sales Director.

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